Sunday, 23 March 2008

Phorm: Philthy


A total disregard for humans, categorised into a group for the sole purpose of pimping out my data.

Even the name reminds me of a dodgey spyware pusher

It reminds me of a bad dream, or a bad idea, badly executed. How it works defines its self.

Gathers your online data, puts you into a catergory then sends that information to advertisers so they can send you ads for your interests. all in a split second.

Regardless of what they say, this is pimping on a new level. You have no choice. You have no rights. They decide what you see and what data they save. On one side of their site (webwise) they explain that they don't save any information, nothing at all. then on the advertisers side, they explain that they can target me, they can even target ME (alone) but they don't allow it, but they can!

It disgusts me that a company known to serve adware (its spyware dont lie to me) wants to be trusted to see what I see. To make an assumption about what I like, Then sell that information in an auction to the highest bidder so they can send me an AD that they think is more relevant to me.

I would be happy to accept this is Kent would allow me to follow him everyday, everywhere, see everything and then send him ads i think are relevant to him. I doubt he would be happy if i did.

I can tell you his last 30 days of google searches.

1.) What is ripa
2.) The Best PR company in UK
3.) How to lie, without being busted (but probably will)
4.) How to trick shareholders
5.) Sex
6.) How to stop talking to protect my lies
7.) How to regurgitate the same lies and make them appear new and involved

I can tell you what i like. Privacy and Freedom, they are cheating their way into my life on a exclusive level. That should be protected.

If i log into my webmail (not ssl protected) and there is an email that says.


they will get that as it stands. they WILL see that and they WILL save that. so in fact, they can steal my information. they will, even accidentally.... get all that information.

I hope its illegal and i know its immoral. It will be stopped. They Will Fail.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Complex emails

my work email system,






Monday, 26 November 2007

Ubuntu Dell Optiplex 320 Grub/Lilo

that seemed like LOTS of work to get the 320 to work in ubuntu with LILO (as in grub error thing)


i reinstalled, and during the install when it asks for somthing like SET TIME TO UTC, hit ESC and then scroll down to INSTALL WITH LILO,

did that




Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Backup Exec 10.1 -> 11 SQL Error

I got this error today:

The current version of Backup Exec is using an instance of SQL that is not compatible with Backup Exec 11d.
Please upgrade this version of SQL to a minimum of SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3a or later before continuing with the upgrade.

the answer from symantec was:

remove 10 install 11 copy files from 10 to 11,

seemed like a lot of trouble,

this is what i did,

regmon setup.exe, saw it was looking for an instance that was not in the reg

renamed the database key: BEDatabase to BEDatabase_ (as i dont care about previous data really)